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Resources for residents living in Richmond and Wandsworth.


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In these videos we provide information about what self-neglect is, how to recognise it, and where to report any concerns for people in Richmond and for Wandsworth.

Watch the Richmond self-neglect video:

Watch the Wandsworth self-neglect video:

Hate crime

Hate crime is a manifestation of prejudice and discrimination, where the perpetrator’s hostility against an identifiable group of people is a key factor in determining who is victimised. Both adults and children can be victims.

Preventing scams and financial abuse

The SAB's Richmond Communication and Engagement Subgroup (now the Richmond Forum) have worked closely with the Metropolitan Police Richmond to raise awareness about the risk of scams. These videos promotes the issue, and are also available with subtitles for silent viewing.


Using the Mental Capacity Act in the Community

This short video demonstrates how the Mental Capacity Act can be applied in community settings. It showcases the way people with care and support needs, their family and friends and professionals should work together by way of case example. 

This video has been produced by Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

How to get a health check up for people with learning disabilities

A short film about what happens at a NHS health check - aimed at people with learning disabilities.

Video campaign: Domestic Abuse

The Met has launched a video campaign to raise awareness of domestic abuse and encourage victims to seek help and support.

SCIE: Lessons from the murder of Steven Hoskin

This video demonstrates that partnership between agencies and procedures for sharing information are vital to adult safeguarding.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

This short animated film has been developed to raise awareness of ACEs, their potential to damage health across the life course and the roles that different agencies can play in preventing ACEs and supporting those affected by them.

Tricky Friends

Tricky Friends" is a short animation developed to help people understand what good friendships are, when they might be harmful, and what they can do. It is important that people with learning disabilities and autism, those who have cognitive difficulties, and also children and young adults, have positive opportunities to make and maintain friendships.
Richmond and Wandsworth Safeguarding Adults Board (RWSAB) would like to help them do that, while also reducing the risk of harm and exploitation in groups who may be less able to recognise the intentions of others. RWSAB hope this animation is used as a way to help people think about the issues, to start those conversations, and keep safe while enjoying friendships.

Adult safeguarding - British Sign Language

A video explaining what adult safeguarding is in British Sign Language, produced by Skills for Care, The College of Social Work and the National Skills Academy.